Live Singing Video Dedicated to YOU!



A live singing video dedicated to YOU! 🙂 ♥ Let the world know YOU support me 🙂 ♥

You may choose a song you would like me to sing for you ♥ Please contact me first about your song choice so I can make sure I can legally sing it. You can contact me here:

The video will contain:

  1. A short introduction where I dedicate the video to you!
  2. The live singing video itself 🙂
  3. The end screen of the video will contain ONLY YOUR NAME in the “This video was sponsored by” credits.

The video will be uploaded to my youtube channel:

Of course I’ll also send the live singing video to you digitally.

If you would like to receive the outfit used in YOUR live singing video with a “certificate of authenticity” please order this also:


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