15 Digital Pictures “Secret Pictures #1” (Exclusive)

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File Type: JPEG
Average Dimension: 5472 x 3648
Resolution: 96 dpi
Colour: RGB

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10 reviews for 15 Digital Pictures “Secret Pictures #1” (Exclusive)

    Richard Geyer
    January 28, 2019
    Not much left to say.... except that the white teddy bear seems a little bit sad. I wouldn´t be at all in his place!
    December 8, 2018
    I love this set of photos as it so beautiful to see her smile and having fun in them
    Doug Beckwith
    June 17, 2018
    I for one, am not governed by certain other peoples ideals, thoughts, or "RULES". I don't believe I am divulging any SECRETS about these Secret Picture Sets, I am not telling anything about how Ivana is dressed. I think a small comment about the scenery, for example, and 5 STARS certainly looks a lot better than Nothing at all, it looks like no one is interested. Those are MY thoughts on the matter.
    David Williams
    June 16, 2018
    The secret of the secret sets Is one that can't be broken You will find no writings on them Nor their private content spoken We must make our purchase quietly For loving, not for sharing Tickling us in secret places No critiquing, only staring Indescribable by nature Indescribable by law Proving God created Woman To excite in silent awe
    Vesa Toukoluoto
    June 15, 2018
    These pictures are the Secret ones, so I won´t tell more of them, but in addition to modelling, Ivana has also made amazing career in music and her videos are so beautiful, wonderful and always so stylish.
    Doug Beckwith
    June 9, 2018
    I can't say anything about these pictures, it's secret, but they are definitely well worth buying ♥♥♥ :)
    Roger Dowdall
    June 8, 2018
    Jerry, OOTD#xx. I should have remembered it but so many picture sets.
    Jerry Richards
    June 8, 2018
    Roger is "Almost" correct. #OOTDxx #TreasureHunt
    Gary Mathis
    June 7, 2018
    I agree with Roger! ;) <3
    Roger Dowdall
    June 7, 2018
    Ivana, as you've never seen her before.
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