21 Digital Pictures “Monkey” (Exclusive)

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File Type: JPEG
Average Dimension: 5472 x 3648
Resolution: 96 dpi
Colour: RGB

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4 reviews for 21 Digital Pictures “Monkey” (Exclusive)

    Vesa Toukoluoto
    January 5, 2020
    Adorable bare-footed Beauty in many interesting and so charming poses. I find this set almost too hot to release in public.
    David Williams
    January 24, 2019
    You mightn’t believe this but the other day I was trekking through the Dutch jungle when the tallest, blondest monkey I’d ever seen swung down from the trees, hopped straight up onto my picnic table, smiled a dazzling friendly smile and started striking athletic poses before my eyes O_O I thought I must be in a dream because this cheeky chimp was stacked like a Sports Illustrated model in skimpy shorts and a skimpier top with a taut, toned tummy in between, along with delightfully muscular legs and naked feet, when the cute emojis on that pert and bouncy chest rang a bell in my head. Of course! I’d run into Ivana on what must’ve been her day off, who used that “See No Evil” symbol on the web when she was shy, was born in the Chinese Year Of The Monkey and had reverted to her wild and natural state :-D Okay, I wasn’t really there but buying this set sure fires a bloke’s imagination ^_^ I’ve never seen our favourite beauty look more healthy, free or uninhibited, so all you guys who've hassled her to present a bikini shoot over the years should consider it done. This packs as much animal appeal as any S.I. Swimsuit Edition, shows damn close to as much skin, and doesn’t even need a beach to work its spell.
    September 27, 2018
    You find this beautiful young lady as smart and sexy as I do you love to have this photo set of her being so playful and fun loving
    Jerry Richards
    July 26, 2018
    TBH I think I would pay €19.99 to #MonkeyAround with this pretty little lady.
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