21 Pictures from “Vlinderstruik”

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2 reviews for 21 Pictures from “Vlinderstruik”

    August 25, 2021
    Must have collection of Ivana, stunning!
    21 Pictures from “Vlinderstruik” photo review
    David Williams
    August 21, 2021
    When I ordered this dynamite set at the livestream for patrons yesterday- a dazzling experience even by Ivana's usually dazzling standards- I thought for sure that "vlinderstruik" meant "thunderstruck" as in the heavy metal AC/DC song because that's how she struck me bouncing around like this at the livestream itself. (It actually means "summer lilac" or "butterfly bush" and there's a bloom of it behind her if you can tear your eyes away from the tight Dutch girlflesh in the foreground long enough to even look.) It's Summer there and Ivana's staying cool (and selling more product to patrons with great success) by wearing as little as possible across those glossy, graceful legs and toned and perfect midriff mMMmm :) Sometimes she smiles and sometimes looks a seductive question at you over a suntanned shoulder above a perfect peach-shaped derrière in skintight denim shorts. Damn >_< Ten years I've been gazing at this babe and yet she never gets less stunning O_O Is there something wrong with me or is there something supernatural about her? Probably both ;) Just do this independent model and your own manhood a favour by buying these top quality photos for yourself.
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