26 Digital Pictures “Sand Rose” (Exclusive)

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File Type: JPEG
Average Dimension: 5472 x 3648
Resolution: 96 dpi
Colour: RGB

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2 reviews for 26 Digital Pictures “Sand Rose” (Exclusive)

    Doug Beckwith
    September 14, 2017
    You have to love Ivana's thinking, just give her any sort of background and she will produce another set of great pictures, love the expressions to Ivana, they're priceless :)
    David Williams
    September 13, 2017
    I love this girl for poses like this! <3 In outfits like that, on locations like these. @_@ As tall, tanned, toned and inviting as ever, Ivana again transforms a tight, bright, cheerful euro-girly outfit into some of the most compelling fabric on Earth O_O Oooh, that lithe and willowy body... ohhh, that smouldering pretty face... rolling round in the sand of a local mine like an oiled-up swimsuit model at the beach. Except Ivana's having more fun and you can see it in her expression while she zaps you with sensual pleasure you'll feel all the way to your toes.
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