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5 reviews for 27 Pictures from “Take The Chance”

    Jerry Richards
    July 24, 2017
    I see this totally Rad outfit and you standing out in a field near the woods and I can only say that I am a Happy Camper. Very Nice. 8) <3
    July 18, 2017
    Ivana your songs seem to be getting better, New Song Writer ? I Loved it any way. You know I love Fashion, So I'm always pleased to see what your wearing, Very Pretty Top & As for the Shorts, Ouch Hot Mmm, You always get the great songs to go with your Amazing Clothes, & Body of Course, I will be mailing you very soon Poppet,, Thanks for all the Wonderful Video's Sweetheart x x
    Vesa Toukoluoto
    July 2, 2017
    Highly recommended. Stirring set of pictures of beautiful Ivana wearing leather shorts and leather boots in many different poses. And her smile is the sweetest.
    David Williams
    June 24, 2017
    Years ago, an awestruck fan wrote to Ivana: ''Wow, you're pretty and you know it!'' Now she's sexy, so watch out. (@_@) Dressed but barely in teeny shorts, a too-short top, and leather boots up lithe long legs, this wood nymph version of ABBA's Dancing Queen will lock your eyes to the screen.(O_O) If she doesn't, check your pulse as you may be dead.(x_x) Oh, how I love a girl who shares the gifts God gave her! Can't. Look. Away. O:-) 3:-) ♥♥♥
    Doug Beckwith
    June 24, 2017
    I know I love to see Ivana in white, but seeing her in this very colorful outfit is pretty impressive also, I didn't think I was going to see them after seeing the video, but as if by magic, they suddenly appeared, these are great pictures of Ivana, in my favorite type of setting, <3 :)
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