42 Pictures from “I Won’t Ask You Again”

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4 reviews for 42 Pictures from “I Won’t Ask You Again”

    Jerry Richards
    February 20, 2018
    The cute girl is now a beautiful woman singing exactly what my ears want and love to hear. I want to cling to you, slow dance with you, hold your hand, and squeeze you tight. Talk... Walk... Dance..... #Forever <3 #LoveYou <3 #BeautifulSong <3 Oh to have a girl like this sing a song like this to me would be #HeavenOnEarth I'm so happy that there is a beautiful photoset to go along with this #Perfect music video and that Ivana has shared it here in a way that I can support her career and feel like I am making a small (how I humbly feel) but huge (how she makes me feel with her gratitude) difference in her pursuit of simply following her dream of creating music and living life to the fullest while being true to herself. I am so happy for her that she has a group of fans/supporters/heroes that appreciate her many talents (singing, beauty, fashion sense, making a guy feel good about supporting her and not so subconsciously weird when he is shy like I am) and come here to her store to support her. If you are only one of her fashion (Beauty & Hotness) supporters here in her store I seriously recommend that you Check Out the music video on YouTube. You will NOT regret it. <3 It will actually make you appreciate her beauty here in her myriad of photo and video shoots even more. Also while she has options here in her store to purchase private hangouts with her my personal recommendation is that you might look into supporting her on Patreon for the same amount of money each month a Personal Hangout cost and you still get a personal hangout with her.... BUT! in addition you are invited to a Group Hangout where you can meet fellow fans/supporters and get to know and hear their stories of how Ivana has changed their lives through her music and personal messages of encouragement. You will learn about her personal trials and tribulations in life and will also have a group of fellow diverse #Humans that will respect where you are coming from in life to this gathering place of individuals with a common goal: To support a kindred spirit who, while following their dream, makes life bearable in a world that doesn't really care about you. From the very first time I spoke to Ivana 5+ years ago..... she has been one of the most gracious, real and sincere people I think I've ever known. Just give her music a chance if you have not already discovered that side of her. Her front side and her back side are sexy..... but her inside is Beautiful beyond what mere mortals can imagine. As one of her supporters, Henry Castleberry, once said: "I suspected that Ivana was an angel and I researched it and discovered that she probably is." Another Fan/Supporter, David Williams, says: "She is the hardest working woman on YouTube." Another Fan/Investor, Doug Beckwith, says of him and his wife: "We don't consider supporting Ivana a donation but more of an investment in her future and our own entertainment. When you donate/support Ivana through Patreon you get great rewards and I think we will continue to support her for quite a long time to come." See More Support Stories Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWjulwKfkts_GjH8MLYk9kx0MnCHm566K Thank You Ivana for following your dream. Your presence and beauty inside and out is a very bright light in this world and in our hearts. Yours Truly, One of the Guys <3
    David Williams
    February 11, 2018
    If all you have is the ability to stand around looking pretty, you'll turn no one's head for more than a few seconds and won't cut through the background noise. But add a finely honed sense of fashion, a friendly, smiling, seductive demeanour, creative poses, scenic backgrounds and a dash of what the French call je ne sais quoi ('I don't know what') that drives men wild, and that graceful shape that nature gave you will draw fascinated gentlemen into orbit around you like a star. “I Won’t Ask You Again” is one of those special photo sets. Buy it, man. This girl was built to entertain.
    Vesa Toukoluoto
    November 13, 2017
    My highest recommendation. Let´s take a lovely pink dress, pink shoes and white coat true to Ivana-style added with the most beautiful woman in the world and the end result is an amazing 42 pictures set of the finest and the most beautiful pictures of sweet Ivana again. Her poses are so magnificent and the pictures have the same harmony that was in the set ´Someday Maybe´. Furthermore, her beautiful hairdo and the most beautiful smile are icing on the cake. Perfect. Thank You so much lovely Ivana!
    Doug Beckwith
    November 5, 2017
    After seeing Ivana sing in one of her many beautiful videos, there is always a great set of pictures that follow, this is a beautiful set of pictures from "I Won't Ask You Again", Ivana really does looks amazing in this lovely pink and white outfit. :)
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