44 Pictures from “Different Colors”

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File Type: JPEG
Average Dimension: 5760 x 3240
Resolution: 96 dpi
Colour: RGB

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3 reviews for 44 Pictures from “Different Colors”

    Vesa Toukoluoto
    July 16, 2017
    My highest recommendation! Beautiful Ivana truly is like Aphrodite wearing this colorful dress and the background is perfect for the Greek goddess of love. Perfect poses that also bring her beautiful legs up and she is so lovely barefoot. Amazing set of 44 pictures!
    Doug Beckwith
    July 8, 2017
    A beautiful set of 44 pictures of Ivana in a beautiful long multi colored dress in beautiful surroundings, it doesn't get much better, but then again, it just might, we will have to wait and see ;)
    Jerry Richards
    July 8, 2017
    These photos are just as pleasing to look at as Ivana was in her video. She really looks nice with this arrangement of hair and makeup. Such a soft and pretty look that is very pleasing to look at. So Beautiful. ... and then the background is such a warm and inviting pretty setting for such a "free style dress with an Oriental twist?". An all around pleasure to view.
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