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1 review for 50 Pictures from “System Change”

    50 Pictures from “System Change" photo review
    David Williams
    March 14, 2022
    I love reviewing Ivana photos because I get to blather on about the beauty of her body without anyone correcting me that she's smart, hardworking and creative too. Point is, I'm a guy who likes the prettiness of girls, Ivana's beauty drew me in while her charm and skills have kept me here, and this new set in a long, loose 1950s skirt delivers nicely to my teenage boyish needs :) From the glory of those supple, taut, long legs up to the gorgeous "come hither" close-ups of her face, to the still amazing flexible stretch contortion poses where you think "A human body shouldn't be able to bend like that!" :O I even spent a couple of minutes staring into the deep blue gems of her necklace and earrings which I hadn't even noticed till this set stuck the close-ups of them in my face ;p
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