CD Album – “REALITY” – (Limited Edition)

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“Reality” is a collection of 12 original songs in a unique musical style by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen.

Format – CD Album
Release Date – 2016
Approx. running time: 38 minutes

Extras: I’ll include a picture with a personal thank you message on it! If you want I’ll also autograph the CD please let me know on the “Check Out” page by Order Notes.


1. Don’t Want To Lose You
2. Just A Moment In Time
3. Don’t Push Me Away
4. Maybe
5. Throw Away My Chains
6. Love Can Never Be Easy
7. In Your Photograph
8. Where Does Love Hide
9. Love Is Lost
10. Tears In My Eyes
11. Big Bright Eyes
12. Hold On To Your Dreams

All songs performed by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen. Music by Oleg Dolgopolov and lyrics by Allan Lines.

© 2016 Ivana Raymonda van der Veen. All rights reserved.

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19 reviews for CD Album – “REALITY” – (Limited Edition)

    June 25, 2024
    Brilliant awesome album.
    CD Album – "REALITY" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Michael Newton
    October 6, 2018
    A nice collection of songs from the hard working Ivana. I’m really proud to support her music
    roger i sicin
    October 30, 2016
    I haven't stop listening to your beautiful new release since it arrived yesterday. So many lovely new songs. I can't wait to see the videos. I think this is your best release yet.
    CD Album – "REALITY" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    October 19, 2016
    I’ve always had a thing for eyes: I do think they’re the windows to the soul. With “Reality”, her 3rd and most mature CD to date, artist Ivana, along with songwriters Oleg and Allan, has delivered no less than 3 new songs about eyes and they are some of the most moving she’s ever done. From the sweet reminiscence of “In Your Photograph” through the haunting pain of “Tears In My Eyes” to the life-affirming warmth of “Big Bright Eyes”. Ironically Ivana performs these things while flashing two of the most mesmerising eyes in the business straight back at us. Which reminds me just how great the artwork is. Oh that scenery, oh those outfits, oh that model, oh that body, oh that face, and yes, those eyes. You get 10 photos with the CD plus 2 bonus autographed ones if you’re lucky like me, and I can blissfully confirm that I still see the most beautiful woman in Europe smiling back in them. In a musical surprise, the peppy ABBA-like duet “Don’t Push Me Away” evoked the voices of Agnetha and Frida which famously rang together like bells… till I realised both those voices were Ivana’s! I can’t wait to see its video. She’s a treat for the eyes and ears both, this glorious creature, and the hardest working craftsman you could find, so why anyone might want to push her away is a bloody mystery. Perhaps, if we buy enough Realities between us, she’ll make a 4th CD about that ;)
    CD Album – "REALITY" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    October 18, 2016
    The title "Reality" of this album does it justice because the words to the songs seem to delve into the Realities that we all go through with love and heartbreak in relationships in life. The album has a nice variety of tempos and the semi eclectic tunes keep you from getting tired of too much of the same style of music while still being held together with a theme. All of this combined with the sweet uniqueness of Ivana's voice and you have a compilation of sounds, words, feelings, and thoughts that keep you listening intently again and again. A nice set of photos from her music videos are included in the album artwork to entertain you and help you envision the atmosphere as she sings these sometimes bitter sweet songs. If you have this album it's because you have heard Ivana before and have grown to love her style and enthusiasm with her work; if you do not have it... it is because you have not heard or met Ivana before and you are simply missing out. I highly recommend you give "Yourself" a chance on this album. If you don't like the music then you will have purchased a wonderful little booklet of beautiful photos and received a personal thank you from one of the most beautiful and remarkable women on YouTube and social media right now. ... ... and probably that you have ever met. Let Ivana change your life like she has for so many others. Let her put a smile into your heart with her sweet disposition.
    October 9, 2016
    Wonderful CD. Enjoy listening to Ivanas Cd's while watching her phenomenal videos. It's beautiful. All songs are lovely to listen too. Well done Ivana.
    Larry Hamm
    October 6, 2016
    I really enjoy listening to Ivana's newest CD "Reality" . It is a well produced cd and such a sweet and relaxing voice to listen to. The photos in the cd booklet of Ivana will surely make you smile. I'm so happy to be a proud owner of this new CD "Reality" ...I love it ! I think this CD is a great addition to any collection .
    CD Album – "REALITY" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    October 5, 2016
    I just recieved my beautifly presented "REALITY" CD in the post today, I love everything about this wonderful CD, I have never seen anything so well put together, from the front cover to the back it's just beautiful, I also enjoyed listening to it, as I love music on a CD, it always seems to be that much better. Kathy and I also received some extra very nice pictures with lovey thank you notes on them, we couldn't be any happier. :)
    Leo Zavala
    October 3, 2016
    I knew it from the beginning that this CD was going to be an amazing CD, coming from Ivana what else can you expect for? She's fantastic and the first thing I did was just to place an order. I have it with me now, and I listen to it every time I can. Believe me I really enjoy it. In fact I'm in love!!! Ik wist vanaf het begin dat deze CD was gonna be van een verbazende CD, vanuit Ivana wat kun je verwachten? Ze is fantastisch en het eerste wat dat ik deed was gewoon een bestelling te plaatsen. Ik heb het nu met me en ik luister naar het elke keer als ik kan. Geloof me ik echt te genieten. In feite ben ik verliefd!
    October 2, 2016
    My 3th Ivana CD 'Reality' is arrived in very good condition, with Belgian bpost you never know how much peaces the crystal box is broken. 12 New beautiful musical pearls of songs, all new, an original songs. Congratulation Ivana
    CD Album – "REALITY" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    September 29, 2016
    I have been enjoying the download version of this new CD for about a week and find that the music is very enjoyable. The physical CDs arrived today and I was very impressed with the art work and appearance of the Jewel Case that holds the CD and the picture folio which was signed by Ivana and included inside. She also Includes a picture with a personal Thank You message! Ivana did a super job of producing "Reality"! You won't be disappointed by adding this beautiful package to your collection.
    Roger Dowdall
    September 26, 2016
    This is Ivana's 3rd album and after listening to it a few times I can truly say that I was not disappointed with it. You won't need to use the skip button on this album as every song is a little gem. Ivana hopes her songs will brighten our day and without doubt she does achieve that.
    September 26, 2016
    Great CD! If you love Ivana as much as I do you just have to add thi sto your collection!
    Bjarne Nielsen
    September 25, 2016
    Sweet Ivana You are my number one..Thank you so much for the CDs and lovely Photos. You ar great make so many greats songs ..I can only love you so much.. much love Bjarne in Denmark
    September 24, 2016
    Ivana, your albums are all just brilliant! And many thanks for the bonus material. Perfect music, perfect Lady.
    CD Album – "REALITY" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Roger Jenkin
    September 24, 2016
    Absolutely fantastic Ivana yet another brilliant cd.
    CD Album – "REALITY" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Roger Beleffi
    September 22, 2016
    Yeahhh Truly excellent music Ivana! I love it soo much and your clothing style too!
    CD Album – "REALITY" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Rikus Wijnholkds
    September 21, 2016
    De nieuwe CD Reality van Ivana is fantastisch; 12 schitterende nummers; voor iedereen en aanrader om te kopen! Gefeliciteerd Ivana met deze nieuwe CD ♥ ♥ ♥
    CD Album – "REALITY" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Steve Phillips
    September 24, 2015
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