703 Digital Pictures “2018” (1)

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703 Digital Pictures of Ivana in 15 different outfits.

Get your hands on the first “Picture Pack” of my modelling sets from 2018! ★ Here I am in every outfit and location that I thought you’d find exciting at the time. It’s the perfect way to start or build your collection 😉 ♥ Thanks so much for all your wonderful support and please enjoy! Much Love ♥♥♥ Ivana

2018: 15 picture sets (A New Beginning, Behind The Clouds, Christmas And Love, Cosmic Momentum, Days In My Life, Desperate Heart, Eu Te Amo, Forever, I Got You In My Life, Long Plays And Broken Hearts, Love Me Again, Take A Step, The North Remembers, You Are The Reason, You Hold The Key)

File Type: JPEG
Average Dimension: 5472 x 3648
Resolution: 96 dpi
Colour: RGB

Pictures will be personally sent to you by email a.s.a.p.

Copyright © 2018 T.J. Bloemendal. All rights reserved.

2 reviews for 703 Digital Pictures “2018” (1)

    703 Digital Pictures “2018” (1) photo review
    703 Digital Pictures “2018” (1) photo review
    703 Digital Pictures “2018” (1) photo review
    Antonio Mendes Silva
    August 27, 2022
    Ivana a beautiful name, a charming Princess, a lady full of beauty, a life sharing art, a heart sharing love, a woman working hard, a genius bringing happiness, a fairy bringing light, a girl making a better world, a artist full of talent, a little great woman. With love❤️❤️♥️, Antonio Mendes
    703 Digital Pictures “2018” (1) photo review
    Sin Gu Kim
    October 9, 2021
    Sweety glamorous, green fairy...
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