YOUR NAME on the back cover of my LP (Vinyl) “Emotional Moments” Including 1 x LP

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YOUR NAME in the Special Thanks section on the backside cover of the LP “Emotional Moments”

This includes that you will receive 1x LP “Emotional Moments” by post October/November 2018.

The release date of LP is 2018 (October/November).


“Emotional Moments” is a collection of 6 original songs in unique emotional music styles by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen.

Extras: If you want I’ll also autograph the LP with a personal thank you message please let me know on the “Check Out” page by Order Notes.

Format – LP (Vinyl) 45 RPM | 12 inch (30 cm)
Release Date – 2018
Approx. running time: 24 minutes


1. Cosmic Momentum
2. The North Remembers
3. Long Plays and Broken Hearts
4. Till Death Do Us Part
5. Desperate Heart
6. Behind The Clouds

All songs performed by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen. Music and Lyrics by Alex Voorhees, except track 1 lyrics by Leandro Stenlånd and track 2 lyrics by Aidan Phillips. Guitar on track 3 by Franco Ferryterry and on track 5 by Warren J Maniak.

© 2018 Ivana Raymonda van der Veen. All rights reserved.

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3 reviews for YOUR NAME on the back cover of my LP (Vinyl) “Emotional Moments” Including 1 x LP

    Doug Beckwith
    August 14, 2018
    For maximum support I chose the LP, in my lifetime it may well be the only one I'll see, it's a great way to support Ivana's music while having something that will probably be unique. I can still get the CD for my collection, either way, it will only be played once, I always play Ivana's music online for more support, even though it's not a lot, as they say, every little bit helps! ♥♥♥ ;)
    Jerry Richards ❤️
    August 11, 2018
    Happy to join some of Ivana's #EliteFans on here. <3 Really excited for this.
    Roger Dowdall
    July 14, 2018
    There was never a doubt about supporting the CD version but I was in two minds about the LP. I don't have a record player so that was having a negative effect also it's another €100. On the other hand it would be a nice item to have and if I didn't support the LP I think I may regret it. So as the saying goes "in for a penny in for a pound". Happy to support both versions.
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