YOUR NAME in the description of my Music Video

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YOUR NAME in the video description, below the video, of my next upcoming music video 🙂 ♥

Here is an example:

Available release dates are: Every 1st of the month. (For every payment of €24 you receive 1 name credit. You must purchase your name credit a minimum of 24 hours before the video release date for me to be able to add your name.)

2 reviews for YOUR NAME in the description of my Music Video

    February 5, 2017
    Almost as KooL as seeing your name at the end of her video... "Which is also an option": There is nothing that makes me prouder than seeing my name up there in the description below a video of a music video that I helped support. It really #FeelsGood and I'm proud knowing that I've had the opportunity to have my name on several of Ivana's videos. <3
    June 24, 2016
    Are you already fan of Ivana? Or want to become one? Or you dream about your memberschip of the Team Ivana? You can''t reusel this attractive posibility!
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