Blu-ray – “Different Emotional Moments” – (Limited Edition)

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“Different Emotional Moments” is a collection of 19 original song music videos in different emotional music styles by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen.

Extras: I’ll include a picture with a personal thank you message on it! If you want I’ll also autograph the Blu-ray please let me know on the “Check Out” page by Order Notes.

Format – Blu-ray
Release Date – 2015-2018
Approx. running time: 76 minutes


01. Magical Feeling
02. Different Colors
03. Cosmic Momentum
04. To Cast A Shadow
05. Waiting For Our Time
06. The North Remembers
07. Don’t Let Go
08. Angel
09. Long Plays and Broken Hearts
10. Take The Chance
11. Darklands
12. Till Death Do Us Part
13. Bad Girl
14. Forgotten Song
15. Desperate Heart
16. Change Your Mind
17. Fairytale
18. Behind The Clouds
19. For My Hope

All songs performed by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen. Music and Lyrics by Alex Voorhees except track 3 and 4 lyrics by Leandro Stenlånd and track 6 by Aidan Phillips. Guitar on track 4 by Mauricio Biango, track 9 by Franco Ferryterry, track 15 by Warren J. Maniak, track 19 by Raphael Bianzeno. Bass on track 19 by Bruno Coe with keyboard by Charles Soulz.

© 2015-2018 Ivana Raymonda van der Veen. All rights reserved.

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8 reviews for Blu-ray – “Different Emotional Moments” – (Limited Edition)

    Vesa Toukoluoto
    March 30, 2023
    Excellent and large selection of powerful, longing, desperate, dangerous and emotional songs with also a little bit of hope, the instruments in many songs having heavy and metal vibes while sweet Ivana is having stronger and more wide brushing of her mascara and her performance in every video is topnotch. Also her stylish outfits tell the story; from lovely white Angel, the pink Fairy and colorful Afrodite-look thru red and dangerous Bad Girl to black leather, great boots by the way, in Darklands and a step back in time in beautiful Forgotten Song, not to forget Ivana´s amazing beautiful warm voice. Lovely cover picture from the emotional Waiting For Our Time and the mysterious look in gorgeous back cover.
    Blu-ray – "Different Emotional Moments" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    John Watson
    March 30, 2023
    This is my very first Blu Ray I ever owned & I love it. Glad I decided to buy a Blu Ray player to watch it. Excellent music.
    Blu-ray – "Different Emotional Moments" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Blu-ray – "Different Emotional Moments" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Blu-ray – "Different Emotional Moments" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Antonio Mendes Silva
    October 6, 2022
    "Angel" is the song number 8 of this Blu-ray "Different Emotional Moments" performed by the Dutch Beauty Ivana . But I can't agree with the lyrics, because Ivana doesn't need the protection of the wings of an angel, she is the real Angel ! From Portugal With Love ❤️❤️, Antonio Mendes
    Blu-ray – "Different Emotional Moments" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Blu-ray – "Different Emotional Moments" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Blu-ray – "Different Emotional Moments" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Antonio Mendes Silva
    September 29, 2022
    A magical and seductive voice singing in the forest...... a Norse goddess with her long blonde hair walking in the woods...... I must have fallen asleep and dreamed. No, it was a video of Ivana! From Portugal, with love ♥️, Antonio
    Blu-ray – "Different Emotional Moments" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    David Williams
    December 11, 2020
    Another evening with Ivana on the 59-inch screen has turned my friend who owns it into a solid fan \o/ For 2 straight hours we've sat gazing at her 4K meesterwerks on Blu-ray disc, letting our eyes feast on the details of that perfectly sculpted face, the bounce of her ever-changing hair, the finest lacework in those outfits, the lustre of her shiny skin, the glitter of every little stone in that chunky jewellery she wears and flexing of those lithe long limbs, along with the trees, the bees, the water features, quarry equipment, fields of flowers, sunset skies and godbeams through the forest, all in vibrant, living colour as if we’d opened a magic portal straight to Europe. / Were those tears that started rolling down my cheek about halfway through caused by emotion or by simply failing to blink? O_O Probably both ;) These mini-movies are bigger than YouTube now. They’re downright C~I~N~E~M~A~T~I~C ! ! And neither I nor my friend Terry can get enough @_@
    Rikus Wijnholds
    January 31, 2020
    Super mooie Blu-ray met prachtige opnames van een super zangeres; warm aanbevolen!!!!
    Blu-ray – "Different Emotional Moments" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Sven Seupel
    January 30, 2020
    Wonderful Blu-Ray. Best picture and sound quality. I'm excited.
    Blu-ray – "Different Emotional Moments" - (Limited Edition) photo review
    Roger Dowdall
    January 30, 2020
    These Blu-ray videos bring a whole new experience in watching Ivana's music videos.
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