Handwritten Lyrics Sheet [ANY SONG]

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Handwritten lyrics sheet of your favorite song by Ivana.

I’ll write down the lyrics of your favorite song.

Please let me know your song choice on the “Check Out” page by Order Notes.

Extras: I’ll also autograph the sheet. If you like I can also personalize it with your name.

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6 reviews for Handwritten Lyrics Sheet [ANY SONG]

    Handwritten Lyrics Sheet [ANY SONG] photo review
    Jerry Richards ❤️
    March 11, 2019
    "A New Beginning" - What a wonderful song to have to look at and be reminded of seasons of our lives. Really happy that I have this lyric Sheet from one of Ivana's Originals added to my nice little collection of her originals.
    Handwritten Lyrics Sheet [ANY SONG] photo review
    Roger Beleffi
    January 15, 2019
    Great investment my best sponsoring ever Pls. check out this wonderful and great video! Video: Take a Step. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhsIOorzrGw
    David Williams
    September 2, 2018
    As a fella with Ivana Merch that's stored in random places round his home, I'd just like to express respect for Jerry's impeccably arranged Ivana Shrine, as shown below. I haven't seen a museum case that beautifully organised since Jerry took me to the native American Pinson Mounds in Tennessee. Except Ivana's jewellery is sparklier, her writing prettier, and her photos more arousing than anything they kept in a lighted box at Pinson. I'm a bloke who buys Ivana Merch then uses it to death- from T-shirts, mugs & mousepads through to calendars, keyrings, posters, belts & pens- but keeping stuff in a sacred case? That's still beyond me. One of these days I shall buy lyrics too but it's hard to keep up with the serious collectors. Well done, sir.
    Handwritten Lyrics Sheet [ANY SONG] photo review
    Jerry Richards
    August 31, 2018
    I was so happy today to receive my handwritten lyrics sheet for Ivana's second original song "I Got You In My Life" to go with "This Dream Is Ours". It goes very nicely with my collection of her sweet memorabilia. Now I can get both of her Originals framed.
    Handwritten Lyrics Sheet [ANY SONG] photo review
    Jerry Richards
    June 5, 2018
    WoW! I am so #Excited that I have received the very first handwritten lyric sheet from Ivana's very first self written, arranged, and produced original song. I feel honored and privileged. Ivana is always sooo very good to her fans. Doing what she can to show them that they mean a lot to her and that she values their loyalty and friendship. I really don't know what else to say except that she puts a lot of pure unadulterated heart into handwriting out her lyrics that you almost can't tell them apart from a robot or computer writing them. That is exactly how perfect her handwriting is. But after careful analysis with beautiful photo books and certificates of authenticity from her much desirable outfits from her music videos I can vouch for and verify that these are something that you can cherish as the real deal for a long time if you are a true fan and friend of hers. I recommend that you choose your favorite song from your favorite video and indulge yourself in something that Ivana is guaranteed to put Much Love from her Heart and Love and Dedication into writing out for you. Why? Because she Loves her Fans and she Loves what she does. Best Regards, A Humble Fan
    April 6, 2018
    Love my special gift. Ivana will write out any song with a personal message to you.
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