Ivana – Fears Hold Me Back

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1 review for Ivana – Fears Hold Me Back

    Ivana – Fears Hold Me Back photo review
    Ivana – Fears Hold Me Back photo review
    Ivana – Fears Hold Me Back photo review
    Antonio Mendes Silva
    April 9, 2023
    "Hold Me For A While", Ivana. No, not for a while, but forever, even if, as you say, "this won't last forever", because a short moment of time with you, will be the Heaven for me. Agnetha, the main singer of the ABBA, is singing "I Have A Dream", here, in my living room, on my TV. Me too, I have a dream, you are my Dream, charming Lady ♥️! She is saying that she believes in Angels... Me too, I believe in Angels, you are my Angel ⭐, Princess of Music ✨! You may not believe me, but I'm singing "with you". And you know what? I've a good voice, not so good as your beautiful voice, of course! I should not say that I'm singing "with you", while I'm watching your videos, because it might sound crazy, I know. But please, believe me, I'm singing "with you" alone, at home, thinking of you, Ivana ❤️...
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