Cover Song Music Video Dedicated to YOU!

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A music video dedicated to YOU! Let the world know YOU support me 🙂 ♥

You may choose a song you would like me to sing for you ♥ Please contact me first about your song choice so I can make sure I can legally sing it. You can contact me here:


  • Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley
  • Ex’s & Oh’s- Elle King
  • One Last Song – Sam Smith
  • Abba – Waterloo
  • Russian Roulette – Rihanna
  • Lonely This Christmas – Elvis Presley

The video will contain:

  1. A short intro or outro where I dedicate the video to you! (You may choose between having it SPOKEN or WRITTEN or both).
  2. The music video itself 🙂
  3. An end screen featuring YOUR NAME ALONE in the “This video was sponsored by” list.

The video will be uploaded to my youtube channel:

Of course I’ll also send the music video to you digitally.

If you would like to receive the outfit used in YOUR music video with a “certificate of authenticity” please order this also:

Here is a preview, it’s a music video sponsored by Domenico Cavallaro.

Here is a preview, it’s a music video sponsored by Roger Dowdall.

Here is a preview, it’s a music video sponsored by Richard Geyer.

Here is a preview, it’s a music video sponsored by Michael Zbinden.

2 reviews for Cover Song Music Video Dedicated to YOU!

    Roger Dowdall
    March 22, 2018
    Been wanting to support Ivana at this level for some time now but there's millions of songs to choose from and I didn't want to just pick a song for the sake of it so I held back. Recently a friend on Twitter spoke about a song by Calum Scott titled You Are The Reason. I'd not heard of this song so I looked on YT for it. After listening to it a few times I found myself listening to Ivana's voice and not Calum's. That's when I realised that this was the song I wanted Ivana to cover. It suited Ivana perfectly. After talking to Ivana there was a small disappointment because the song was not available for use so we had to wait. Once it was available Ivana was really excited to cover it. I never chose the song, the song chose Ivana. I'm pleased I was able to do this. To create this Video took Ivana many days and I thank her for producing a beautiful song/video.
    David W. Williams
    February 19, 2015
    Well, here's the prize of the Ivana Store right here! That's good value for several serious days of your time! I'd totally pay for the full package of your filmmaking, singing, modelling, fashion, design work, editing, mixing, sense of weirdness- did I miss any of your skills there?- on a song like- oh, ''Vienna'' by Billy Joel? Lemme get back to you on that... Might need to raise the finance first ;) But by the standard of corporate videos (which I worked in for some years) this is a highly competitive price for professional work! For your patrons, it will feel just like commissioning a painting from an artist ;)
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