Blu-ray – “ROMANCE” – (Limited Edition)

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“Romance” is a collection of 9 original songs in romantic music styles by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen.

Extras: If you want I’ll also autograph the Blu-ray with a personal thank you message please let me know on the “Check Out” page by Order Notes.

Format – Blu-ray
Release Date – 2022
Approx. running time: 32 minutes


01. Pura Sedução– 04:03
02. Live A Love Story – 03:24
03. My Imagination – 04:11
04. Rocks On Your Way – 03:21
05. Magic Music – 02:59
06. Eu Te Amo – 04:19
07. Forever – 02:56
08. Meu Amor Por Ti – 03:47
09. Palavras Escritas – 03:25

All songs performed by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen.

Music by Claudionor Rocha except track 7 by Alex Voorhees & Ivana Raymonda van der Veen.

Lyrics by Claudionor Rocha except track 2 by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen and tracks 3, 4, 5 and 7 co-written with her.

© 2022 Ivana Raymonda van der Veen. All rights reserved.

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4 reviews for Blu-ray – “ROMANCE” – (Limited Edition)

    Blu-ray - "ROMANCE" – (Limited Edition) photo review
    Blu-ray - "ROMANCE" – (Limited Edition) photo review
    Blu-ray - "ROMANCE" – (Limited Edition) photo review
    Antonio Mendes Silva
    October 29, 2023
    As I had some internet problems, I'm watching my collection of 12 Ivana Blu-rays. All of them are very beautiful and I'm watching now the Blu-ray “Romance”. We should never buy a book, or Blu-ray, by its cover, but that's exactly what I did when I bought this Blu-ray. I chose it because of the beautiful and romantic photo of Ivana, wearing a long soft cream, almost white dress, looking like a beautiful bride ❤. It has 4 Portuguese songs, "Pura Sedução", "Eu Te Amo", "Meu Amor Por Ti" and "Palavras Escritas". I'm impressed by your lovely Portuguese pronounce, which sounds European to me. I love the sweet and delicious way you say "deixa que tudo vá ao chão", meaning "let it all fall down", in the last song “Palavras Escritas”. I also love your charming figure in the video "Meu Amor Por Ti" and I must say that, for me, you are even more beautiful than all the great beauties from the past, such as Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot. These last two actresses, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, had more "curves" than you, because you are a little thin, but you are prettier than them, because your face is much more beautiful and there's no need to say, they hadn't your incredible voice ✨ ⭐✨! Sending you all my love ❤, Antonio Mendes
    Blu-ray - "ROMANCE" – (Limited Edition) photo review
    Blu-ray - "ROMANCE" – (Limited Edition) photo review
    Blu-ray - "ROMANCE" – (Limited Edition) photo review
    Antonio Mendes Silva
    September 22, 2022
    The most beautiful romantic songs, performed by the Dutch Star Ivana ⭐, more beautiful than a flower, more sweet than honey. From Portugal, With Love ❤️, Antonio
    Blu-ray - "ROMANCE" – (Limited Edition) photo review
    David Williams
    June 10, 2022
    This scene of Terry, myself and a coffee cup cat (and sometimes a real one called Torty) enjoying Ivana on the big screen plays out every week at Terry's Horror Night up the road from me. He always puts some Ivana on before the movie- after all, we now have 8 nice discs to choose from- and when Romance arrived we watched it three times through O_O What a trip down memory lane it was, a decade in the making, with lots of dreamily pretty 'old' Ivana along with the sassier new, and composer Claudionor's sure hand behind the ever-pretty notes. It's a spectacular album of videos as well as a beautiful album of songs, and the artwork that comes with it is grrreat too. Yes, it's making me purrr...
    John WS
    June 6, 2022
    Another Must for all those who love Ivana, top notch performances and romantic songs. Just the Best!
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